Skincare mistakes men do

 In Male Skincare

Men often connect skincare routines and the products with women only which is a huge mistake. Men produce the highest amount of androgens hormones then women and that is the reason behind the more secretion of sebum or oil. As a result  men’s pores are more likely to become blocked and dirty. Endorsing everyday skincare regime and treatments is important to prevent acne and early signs of aging.


Avoiding Sunscreen:

The sunscreen is often taken for granted. Most of the men avoid applying sunscreen while going out. While sun damage causes cancer in anyone, studies show that men are far more receptive to melanoma. Adding to this, sun damage can result in awful pigmentation all over the body. So sunscreen should be applied especially between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. this is the time when the sun rays are so intense. To avoid such kinds of issues you must consult a skin care expert as Dr. Syed is a renowned skincare expert, he will guide you through all your skin types and concerns related to your skin related issues. 


Using The Wrong Products:

Be attentive towards your skin type and accordingly choose your skin care routine and products. It’s seen that men just pick anything and whatever they get in hand start using the products, which is completely wrong. Using the wrong product may result in an undesirable and unwanted outcome. If at all you face such an undesirable situation the solution is with Royal Lush Clinic in Saket, New Delhi with the best and experienced  Dermatologist. 


Bad Shaving Habits:

Perfect beard growth and shape is a desire for all men. On the other hand it’s very difficult to manage the perfect beard. Sometimes men do mistakes while shaving the beard which affects your skin quality and damages the upper layer and inner layer of your skin. So to ease your life our expert Dr. Syed a hair Transplant surgeon is providing you with the best Hair transplant and desired beard shape. It will give you a perfect look and mistakes which you commit while shaving will take a break and your expert will provide you with some basic skin care regime and techniques which you need to follow. 


Picking at Blemishes:

It might be enticing to press zits and blemishes that are gazing back at you in the mirror, yet nobody should do this at any point. The hands and fingers are covered with germs and doing such things will worsen the situation for you and your skin.  

When these blemishes are picked at and popped, germs from inside the contaminated pore and your fingers might spread creating additional breakouts. Also, picking at similar spots again and again may cause scarring and staining.

So the Gentlemen if you think you might have some doubts regarding your skin care regime and techniques which you are following or you are facing problems associated with skin damage, pigmentation etc, feel free to contact our experts at Royal Lush Clinic in Saket.


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