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Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic in Saket

Dr. Syed Nazim Hussain is one of the best dermatologists in Delhi. Dermatology is a medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatments of skin conditions and diseases. Dr. Syed is a skin specialist well-known for his extensive knowledge and practical experience in the world of dermatology. At his state-of-the-art dermatology clinic named as 'Royal Lush', he provides best skin care treatments including anti-aging facial treatments to erase frown lines and wrinkles, hair loss treatment, acne and acne scar treatments.

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To transform is fascinating, but to enhance is divine. We at Royal Lush would love to help you in embracing your healthy skin throughout the process of aging. With our team of expert skin doctors we strive to make you fall in love with the most beautiful version of you.


The best treatment for acne and acne spots can only be delivered by treating the root cause. Acne treatment at Royal Lush includes acne removal, acne vulgaris treatment, acne spot and scar treatment. The treatment is suggested on the basis of skin type and specific skin condition of an individual patient by our skin doctor.


Anti-aging treatment can help delay the signs of aging. Royal Lush, the leading anti-aging clinic offers you advanced skin lifting procedures and anti-wrinkle treatments. The best anti-aging skin care treatments at our clinic comprise of surgical and non-surgical treatments. You can consult Dr. Syed for best advice on anti-aging treatments in Delhi.


Laser skin treatments are being very popular because of the less procedure time and minimum downtime. Laser for acne and acne scar removal, laser for birth marks and stretch marks, laser for tattoo removal, carbon laser peels, laser for body contouring and specially laser hair reduction are some of the most trusted procedures by doctors as well as the patients.


Hair fall or hair loss has become a common problem but don't worry because you can rely on us for best hair loss treatment in Delhi. Hair loss treatment for men is different than that for women due to the difference of anatomies. As one of the best dermatologists Dr. Syed ensures the optimum results from the hair fall treatments delivered to his patients.

Scar Removal with

Considered the safest treatment for scars, mole, warts and other skin conditions, Fraxis CO2 Laser leaves your skin with an even texture and no trace of any scars.

Stretch Marks Removal
With MNRF technology

One and only treatment for stretch marks. No Experiments. Discover exceptional results in just 3 months. Treats pregnancy marks, stretch marks due to change of body mass.

Non-Surgical Feminine Rejuvenation
With Laser Technology

Experience life-changing results with just 2-3 sessions and see changes in common concerns such as loss of vaginal tightness and vaginal dryness with our safe laser treatment.



Royal Lush is a superlative skin, Hair and aesthetic clinic founded by Dr. Syed Nazim offering the world's best advanced evidence based treatments in cosmetic dermatology, anti aging skin and hair care. Our state of art clinic is nestled in the idyllic serene...

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