Beard Transplant Cost in India

What is a beard transplant?

A beard transplant is a procedure that is done by taking hair from your body parts, generally from the back or under your chin, and then transplanting it onto your jawline or another area where people wish to grow your beard. The body part from which the expert surgeon takes hair is termed the donor site, and the recipient site is the body part where the hair is transplanted to.

A beard transplant is a safe and preferred surgical procedure that provides permanent results. There is a range of beard styles from which you can choose as per the areas of your jawline and face cut you want to treat. Beard transplant costs vary; you can expect your transplanted hair to function normally. Also, you can trim and shave your new beard as you do with a natural beard. The main aim of the beard transplant procedure is to create fuller, thicker facial hair, correcting patchy growth, scars, or hair loss.

Why a beard transplant?

Beard transplantation has become increasingly popular as many men are seeking this treatment to achieve fuller as well as thicker beards. Beard transplants by the best Dermatologist in Delhi can assist in improving appearance and self-confidence in people. Men generally choose beard transplant when they suffer from any of the following: 

  • Patchy beard: It is a common reason why men choose beard transplants. Some people may experience thicker hair growth in a few areas, while others have sparse or uneven hair distribution, leading to an inconsistent and incomplete beard.
  • Hair loss or scarring in the beard area: Men who suffer from scars on the beard area because of injuries or any prior surgeries that cause permanent hair loss.
  • Thick beard for a more masculine appearance: A thick beard is often linked with masculinity and is considered attractive. Men choose Beard transplants because it offers them a chance to achieve a mature and robust look. 

Eligible candidate for beard transplant

Beard growth is affected generally due to many factors, including high levels of stress, genetics, and hormones. Some experience diseases like Alopecia that affect beard growth. For these reasons, many people wish to undergo beard transplant surgery. But only some are eligible for this. Men who suffer from hair thinning are usually the ideal candidates for beard transplant. Also, people who undergo beard transplants suffer from less dense or no beard. The candidates who opt for beard hair transplants include :

  • Men who suffer from Alopecia that causes hair loss
  • Diseases like cancer
  • Hair loss because of previous hair transplant
  • People with patchy beard growth
  • Burn as well as small scars

Factors Affecting Beard Transplant Cost 

The beard transplantation cost in India varies depending on many factors, including the number of hair follicles needed, the surgeon's expertise, and the clinic's location. The Royal Lush clinic offers affordable beard transplantation services without compromising on quality.

Why Dr Syed?

Undoubtedly, beard transplants offer natural-looking results. However, the outcomes highly depend upon your dermatologist; choosing the best clinic will provide excellent results. Royal Lush Clinic is one of the best clinics in Delhi, offering beard transplants with highly experienced surgeons.

At Royal Lush Clinic in Delhi, expert dermatologist Dr Syed takes a safe and comprehensive approach to all procedures and understands the concerns of all our patients. The clinic is known for providing first-class care for beard growth treatment in Delhi. The beard transplant cost in India varies and depends upon many factors; however, at Royal Lush Clinic, the beard hair transplant cost is quite affordable and suits every budget. 

Beard Transplant done in the clinic by Dr. Syed

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Disclaimer: Result may vary from case to case. Terms and Conditions* Apply

Treatment Video

Disclaimer: Result may vary from case to case. Terms and Conditions* Apply

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