Under Eye Dark Circles

Dark circles under the lower eyelids are common in both men and women. Often accompanied by bags, dark circles can make you appear older than you are. To make matters worse, they can be difficult to get rid of.

Though they can affect anyone, dark circles are most common in people who:

  • are elderly
  • have a genetic predisposition to this condition
  • are from non-white ethnic groups

While fatigue may seem like the most logical explanation for this condition, there are a number of factors that can contribute to dark circles under the eyes. In most cases, they are no cause for concern and do not require medical attention.

Medical treatments

For a more effective and permanent solution, some medical treatments are available to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Some of the more common methods include:

  • chemical peels to reduce pigmentation
  • laser surgery to resurface the skin and enhance skin tightening
  • medical tattoos to inject pigment into thinning skin areas
  • tissue Dermal Injections to conceal blood vessels and melanin that are causing skin discoloration beneath your eyes.
  • fat removal to remove excess fat and skin, revealing a smoother and more even surface
  • surgical implants of fat or synthetic products

Before deciding on any cosmetic procedure, discuss your options with a doctor. Invasive medical treatments can be expensive, painful, and often require long recovery time.

Treatment done by Dr. Syed for under eye dark circles

Treatment done by Dr. Syed for under eye dark circles

Disclaimer: Result may vary from case to case. Terms and Conditions* Apply


Disclaimer: Result may vary from case to case. Terms and Conditions* Apply

FAQs related to dark circles

In many people, the skin of the lower eyelids is very thin, and the dark that you see is the venous blood in the veins underneath that thin skin. No good treatment is available for that condition, because we don’t know how to coax the veins to carry less blood.

  • Tiny capillaries and blood vessels fill the periorbital area. The loose blood in this area breaks down causing haemoglobin degradation and turns into a dark colour.
  • Tanning is another cause of dark circles under the eyes. Melanin levels are increased with exposure to the sun and pull the melanin to the top of the skin making it appear dark.

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