Reviving Boyhood: Making dads go back to their 20s

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Are you feeling that your Dad is also growing old with you? Is his baldness or wrinkles bothering him by making him feel more aged? If you want to make him feel like he’s in his 20s again, we’ve got you covered.

Most men have a preconceived notion that only women can do experiments with their looks. Now the time has changed and men can also get the looks they desire. However, age, stress, pollution, and hormonal imbalance affects their face and hair significantly. This leads to hair loss, dullness, saggy skin, and pigmentation. All this can impact your father’s self-confidence.

This Father’s day, give him the best, and the safest solution that can make him look younger and complete his counterpart.

Royal Lush is the one-stop solution for all your dad’s problems. Royal Lush in Delhi has the best hair transplant, thread lift, facial contouring, micro pigmentation, and other face and hair treatments. It ensures safe procedures with experienced doctors and surgeons at an affordable price. 

Some of the treatments for men at Royal Lush-

 Face Contouring

Face contouring is also known as facial sculpting. It tightens the skin and removes the fat from the face. This surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. Prior to the procedure, the patient undergoes CT imaging scans to obtain images of the bones and soft tissues of the face. This serves as the surgeon’s guide while performing the surgery. The procedure is safe and you may go through different surgeries depending upon the area to be treated. It can surely enhance your dad’s confidence.


Micropigmentation of the scalp is a form of tattoo procedure done artistically around the hair follicles as they emerge from the scalp to give a much denser look and camouflage effect. It is among the treatment options at Royal Lush clinic for the patients with visible scalp and scattered hair. The treatment is also recommended in some patients who undergo hair transplant surgery. The pigment used at Royal Lush is non-allergic and biodegradable in nature.

Thread Lift

Thread lift is a procedure wherein temporary sutures are used to produce a visible lifting effect for your skin. A medical-grade thread like material is inserted into your face and then pulls the skin by tightening the thread. The procedure is safe and convenient. At Royal Lush, we deal with the best and quality-led thread lift treatment that comes with no surgery, minimal downtime, and immediate results. Aptos thread lift is a safe and effective way to lift and tighten sagging

skin tissue. Aptos thread lift is one of the most advanced and safe procedures that give you significant results. It is performed by our expert dermatologist, Dr. Syed Nazim, who is the 1st Indian doctor certified for Aptos Threads and Trainings in India. At Royal Lush Skin Clinic, this new-age treatment is done with highest precision owing to the years of expertise of our experts.

Hair Transplant

Hair is a major style statement for men of all ages. It is a surgical treatment, the hair follicles are removed and put from one part of the body to the balding part of the body. The procedure may lead to bleeding and itching but can be healed within a few days. Our hair transplant surgeon in South Delhi and Gurgaon at Royal Lush helps you to restore back the hair with optimal density with the normal hairline. Our team ensures that each hair implanted in the recipient area matches patient’s previous hair growth pattern.


Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one of the popular methods of hair restoration in which each follicular unit is taken separately using fine punches ranging from 0.8 mm to 1.0 mm.

Benefits if FUE- 

  • Less bleeding
  • Lower chances of infection 
  • No scar
  • Quicker healing 


Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a method of hair restoration surgery. It involves the hair removal of a small strip of scalp skin from the back of the head and then the individual hair follicles are harvested separately by our skilled hair transplant team before being implanted in the donor area as required. This method of hair restoration is an option for cases with advanced hair loss with a small donor area. This method allows the physician to yield an increased number of grafts for transplantation in a single sitting.

Are these procedures safe?

Multiple treatments at the Royal Lush Clinic are non-invasive and the procedure is safe. The treatment is done only after giving all the information about the procedure to the patients.

Dr. Syed Nazim Hussain is the top dermatologist and aesthetic surgeon in South Delhi and Gurugram with comprehensive intellectual background and sound experience in the field of clinical dermatology, facial aesthetic and hair transplant. We trust that our work is ever lasting and speaks for its quality ensuring right outcomes for our patients.

Royal Lush has the long-lasting solution to help your father regain his natural look. 

Gift him the best gift this Father’s Day and make him feel young again. Book an appointment now with Royal Lush, and give your dad the best gift!


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