Cheek Contouring

Non-Surgical Upper Cheek Contouring

Cheek implants are one of the top 20 cosmetic surgical procedures. The number is declining, however, because of the non-surgical alternative. With advanced medical techniques, some patients can regain enough of their original natural, cheek lines to forgo surgery.

The zygomatic or malar area of the cheeks is the area of the high cheekbone below the rims of the eyes that extends out to the sides of the face. The cheekbone area is a key treatment zone for many individuals who are seeking a lift in one of several aspects of the face. Over time, skeletal changes, fat loss, and collagen depletion will flatten the malar area of the cheeks. This can accentuate sagging in many areas of the face like the hollows under the eyes, the jowls and a downward turn of the lips.

Correction of the cheek area with dermal filler products can affect a subtle, yet dramatic, improvement in the appearance of an aging face. The technique of the medical practitioner is very important in creating a natural lift. Medical practitioners typically cross thread the liquid facelift products in the deep dermis or subdermal area of the cheekbone region of the face.

Depending upon the facial characteristics of the patient and personal goals, Dr. Syed can give the cheeks a smooth curve or a more defined ‘apple’ effect. Patients desiring more of an apple-type cheek can ask for additional filler in the upper portion of the cheekbone area.

Cheek Contouring done By Dr. Syed in the clinic

cheek contouring
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FAQs related to Cheek contouring

This will often depend on individual client’s pain threshold, but usually are considered to be just uncomfortable. We offer a range of pain relief, which includes:

  • Topical anesthetic cream
  • Ice
  • Injectable local anesthetic
  • Entonox

  • BTX* – you will generally only need a 15-minute appointment time for the actual treatment, but for initial treatments, longer may be required for any queries you may have.
  • Fillers -Allow at least 1/2 an hour for application of topical local anesthetic, and for soothing ice treatments afterwards.
  • Peels- Usually 1/2 an hour is suitable.

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