Dandruff is a common chronic or recurrent eczematous condition affecting mainly scalp, in dermatology, it is called seborrheic dermatitis. It can affect scalp and face and when confined to scalp it is known as pityriasis capitis.

It presents with bran-like scales of scalp present as patches within the hairy region of the head. The cause of this condition is not known but sometimes the causative agent is fungal infection by species known as Malassezia.

It can be seen in men and women, adults and elderly sometimes also seen in infants as cradle cap.



At Royal lush, we have the best evidence-based medicine management for dandruff and a regimen of medicated shampoo, topical antifungal lotions, and other treatment options are available depending upon the severity of the condition that condition in a particular patient. Occasionally y oral medications are prescribed by Dr. Syed and his and his team.

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