Winter Skincare: What are the top 10 winter skincare tips?

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How to take care of skin in winter naturally? This is the first question that comes to mind when winter hits, and here this article gives you complete information about winter skincare, so keep reading this post till the end. 

The skin, our body’s natural barrier, goes through a lot with seasonal changes. And winter can be the harshest season for it. The skin majorly suffers from dryness and itchiness, which can affect its natural beauty.


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But do you think the skin needs that extra care during winter? Yes, it does. During the winter, the dry, cold air takes away the skin’s moisture, manifesting symptoms such as dryness, irritability, sensitivity, and itchiness. Thus winter skincare tips are crucial for you. 

Many of us find it difficult to keep up with the skin’s hydration and retain its moisture. The skin becomes devoid of its lustre and glow.  

The skin’s barrier needs to be protected from the damaging effects of cold, dry weather. If you are having a problem with how to take care of your skin in winter naturally, this article is a handy book for winter skincare tips and ways to keep your skin hydrated in winter.


Winter skincare tips to embrace your skin with a smooth, glowing look



1. Switch to a moisturising cleanser:

As the temperature during the winter drops, the humidity levels also fall. And so, during the cold season, the skin loses its moisture to the dry air around. Using a hydrating cleanser can keep the skin moist while supporting the skin barrier from unfavourable effects in winter. The moisturising cleanser clears the external dead skin cells without making them feel dry and tight.  

2. Cleanse your skin regularly, even in winter:

Cleanse your skin at least twice a day. As per dermatologists, “The skin barrier’s natural cell turnover process creates debris on the upper layers that need to be removed before applying other products. That’s because they can affect the efficacy of future key ingredients that penetrate the skin.” Cleansing can help clear debris, improve blood circulation, and eliminate toxins.

3. Hyaluronic acid is essential

The use of hyaluronic acid during winter shows terrific results. The skin in winter is constantly exposed to severely chilly winds. Worried about how to keep your skin hydrated in winter with hyaluronic acid? Hyaluronic acid has a high water-retaining capacity, with its central role being hydration and elasticity. 

4. Retinol is a must for the winter skincare routine

Retinol adds plumpiness and smoothness to the skin. This essential vitamin A improves skin pigmentation by enhancing skin turnover, hydration, collagen build-up, and acne reduction. However, experts advise retinol application should always be followed by a good sunblock cream for better outcomes. 

5. Sunscreen in winter is inevitable

Our skin indeed needs sunscreen all around the year. Even in winter, when the sun’s rays are less harsh. The skin can get damaged by UV rays at any time of the year. Mineral-based SPF can help reduce the damage. It can give the skin its supple, light texture and improve breathability. 

6. Hydration masks to protect the skin

Low humidity and temperature can cause skin issues. Hydration masks containing seaweed extract and clay help hydrate the skin while clearing off impurities and exfoliating the skin. Hydration masks protect the skin from further damage and reduce spots, marks, and pigmentation.  

7. Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Vitamin C in winter protects from harmful sun rays. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that boost collagen generation, giving the skin a natural glow, brightness, elasticity, and firmness. 

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8. Lips and under-eye skincare

The dryness of lips is one of the first signs observed in winter, indicating the skin is less hydrated. Lips too can be taken care of with moisturising lip balms. The under-eye skin is also sensitive and needs care with hydrating eye creams that can be used during the day and night.  

9. Body butter protects the skin barrier

Hydration is the key during winter. Body butter with ingredients like shea and cocoa keeps the skin hydrated. The thick creamy consistency of these creams softens the skin and is the best for dry skin in winter. 

10. Nourish the skin through a nutritious diet

Your winter skincare is complete only if you complement it with a healthy, seasonal, nutritious diet. Have a diet fortified with beta-carotene that promotes cell renewal, regulates the skin barrier’s function, and boosts collagen production. Butternut squashes, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, and winter squash are some sources of beta-carotene that are abundantly found during winter. 


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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to take care of face in winter naturally?

Here are some tips to take care of your face during winter.

  1. Use a mild, hydrating cleanser
  2. Apply body butter-based moisturiser
  3. A healthy diet is a must
  4. Exfoliate the skin regularly
  5. Do not over-wash your face
  6. Try not to bathe in hot water for long.

2. What skin issues can I have if I don’t take proper care?

Skin issues like rashes, dermatitis, and psoriasis can pop up if you do not care for your skin, especially during winter. 

3. What kind of moisturiser should I look for during winter?

Use a moisturiser with a heavy, thick base, ceramides, SPF, and natural antioxidants that can hydrate the skin and protect it from the detrimental winter effects.  


The skin naturally draws in moisture from the environment to keep itself hydrated. However, during winter, the low humidity and temperature do not provide the skin with additional hydration, and the skin turns dry, itchy, or irritating. Following proper winter skincare tips allow you to protect your skin. Male Skincare is equally important as female skincare during winters.

Overusing harsh chemicals, soaps, and creams can further damage the skin and eradicate the skin’s protective barrier. Following Winter skincare tips is a must for your skin in winter because that naturally helps skin retain its natural firmness, elasticity, and brightness. 

Dr Syed, the best dermatologist in Delhi, will guide you through winter skincare tips and things to follow for smooth, glowing skin.


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