Open Pores

What are Open pores?

Open pores refer to the large pores on the skin, or sometimes also known as certain types of acne. They are visible around the nose and cheeks on the face. Large pores are easily noticeable and visible to the naked eye. Though they can easily be covered temporarily with the help of makeup, there are many treatments available to get rid of them permanently as well.

Why do pores increase in size?

1. Oily and unclean skin can be the cause for large pores since excess oil sits around the skin’s open pores and make them appear enlarged as the skin around them thickens. Sun damage and aging can also be the reason.

2. Makeup can help you to hide skin imperfections but ironically, makeup actually cause pores to appear enlarged especially when it’s not properly cleaned and washed off. Sometimes it settles in and around the pores and highlights them instead of hiding.

3. Blackheads are the undesirable results of large pores that are caused by dirt settling into them and giving it a dark color making it clearly visible on the skin.

4. With the growing age, our skin’s structures also change, so losing elasticity and decreasing the production of collagen make the pores look more visible and noticeable.

What Happens because of Open Pores?

  • Leads Acne problems due to excess production of sebum from sebaceous glands.
  • Also, leads to the blackheads that are the common skin complaint which forms into plugs at the opening of large pores.

Open Pores treatment results:

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What are the Common Myths about Open Pores?

  • The most common myth involved with the large pores is about its size because of its term ‘large pores’. The size of the open pores depends on the activity level of the oil or sebaceous glands, not on your beauty habits.
  • The black in blackheads is a speck of dirt but those little black dots we see across our noses and cheeks on the face are actually the result of oxidation which is a chemical reaction involving oxygen and sebum.

However, it can’t be banished completely but if the debris and excess sebum are removed the large pores will become less noticeable and smaller.

Laser treatment for open pores.

Disclaimer: Result may vary from case to case. Terms and Conditions* Apply