Face Contouring

While cosmetic treatments used to be all about ‘chasing’ lines and wrinkles, the past few years have focused more on re-contouring the face. There is no doubt that sculpted cheekbones and naturally plump ‘apple’ cheeks, a beautifully straight nose and a firm jawline contribute to a younger, more attractive profile. If you’re not naturally endowed with these features or have lost some of them with age, we can certainly give you a non-surgical helping hand with special contouring and volumizing injections.

There are numerous facial contouring products on the market, but we only use the highest quality, sterile hyaluronic acid (HA) products such as Restylane Perlane, Belotero, Emervel, Juvederm or Voluma. Hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronate) is an important physiological substance that all skin contains naturally. Its key roles are to maintain the plumpness and moisture that help keep the skin surface smooth and lifted, but levels decline with age.

Designed to enhance volume and facial contours, volumizers are more robust, better-lifting versions of hyaluronic acid wrinkle fillers and are injected deeper under the skin. How long the effects last depends on a variety of factors and varies from patient to patient. But nine to 12 months is the average. In time, the volumizer will be degraded by your body’s own enzymes – just as happens with your natural hyaluronic acid.

You’ll also be relieved to hear that we offer several forms of effective pain prevention. All of the volumizers we use already contain a local anesthetic, so often nothing extra is needed. However, many patients opt for an additional numbing cream. This is applied 60 minutes prior to the procedure.

Face contouring done By Dr. Syed in the clinic

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FAQs related to Face contouring

A good candidate for face-contouring is a person who is close to their ideal fatt but can’t seem to lose stubborn fat deposits that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. Face contouring is not meant for fat reduction and ideal for patients who do not want to undergo surgery to reduce areas of unwanted fat.

Because face contouring procedures are non-surgical and do not involve any incisions, they have virtually no downtime! After a face contouring treatment is completed, patients are able to resume their normal daily activities.

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