[ Royal Signature Facial

Royal Signature Facial

Royal Signature Treatment

  1. Oxygen power skin beauty instrument

Moisturizing, nourishing beautifying and brightening skin

Make your skin full of vitality and keep your youthful appearance

  1. Water peel
  2. lon roller
  3. Ultrasound
  4. Water spray oxygen injection ice hammer
  5. Bio litting
  6. Plasma
  7. Skin analysis
  8. O2 nasal mask 
  9. O2 face mask
  10. High pressure water pen


6 Advantages

  1. Have a scientific research team
  2. We have our own factory and assembly line
  3. Many years of production experience
  4. We have a very professional team
  5. Professional design team. Accept ODM/OEM
  6. 7*24 hours online customer service

Work Principle

It is a simple and effective superficial that helps rejuvenate the skin skin. It makes use of pressurized Oxygen to accelerate a liquid agent (saline) to supersonic velocities, creating an exfoliative effect on the skin. The liquid agent (saline) is compounded with different vitamins and supplements that will address the problem of the patients. The high velocity, at the speed of 200m/s, the superficial layers of the skin,allowing better penetration of the compounded substances, and prevents skin inflammation and infection by saline solution which is spraying out. The anaerobic bacteria in the sebaceous glands can not exist when oxygen sprays into the skin. At the mean time this system supply sufficient nutrition to the skin, accelerate the cell regrowth, subsequent reepithelial-ization takes place resulting in younger, healthier skin.

Machine Advantages

  1. Unique inner air supply system guarantees the security and stability of air output.
  2. Air output adjustments system accurately controls the output flow and pressure of liquid for different treatment parts.
  3. Air switch easily transfers air supply from air compressor or medical oxygen tank.
  4. The inner air compressor can offer 0-10kg air output pressure to meet the need of treatment.
  5. Being natural, healthy and fresh, Oxygen & Jet treatment replenishes the skin with oxygen and nutrients and gives you a clean and tender skin.
  6. Can put 4 different Nutrient admixtures together at the same time so that to achieve

3)Machine Applications

  1. Deep skin cleaning
  2. Pigmentation improvement
  3. Oily skin improvement
  4. Eye pouch improvement
  5. Skin texture improvement
  6. Allergic skin improvement
  7. Water replenishing to skin
  8. Skin fatigue improvement
  9. Black rim of improveent
  10. Dark and yellow skin improvement
  11. Acne removel
  12. Improve wrinkle of eye area and mouth area
  13. Skin whitening and rejuvenation
  14. Hair growth: improve seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata; hair care.

Solve all kinds of skin probleims

Basic skin care, awaken sleeping skin

Skin aging

Dark deposit

Blackhead acne

Dry and short of water

Facial wrinkles

Acne cutis

 4)Beauty and skin care black technology

Multiple effects, your private beauty salon

Deep cleaning

Brighten and whiten skin

Lifting and tightening

Shrink pores

Solve the root cause of the problem

No need to cover up

Shrink pores

Lifting and tightening

Brighten skin

Scope of application

Meet the applicable scenarios in multiplespects


5)Oxygen power comprehensive skin beauty instrument

Powerful skin care function, the top ten probes can easily respond to every step from repairing skin problems to reshaping the skin barrier

  1. Lifting and firming
  2. Remove wrinkles
  3. Collagen regeneration
  4. Eye care
  5. Acne
  6. Rejuvenation
  7. Speed up metabolism

 BIO ion lift pen

Through BIO negative ion micro-current massage to open the pore channels, acne quickly heals, diminishes wrinkles, removes dark circles, tightens the chin, lifts the face, tightens, lifts and tightens

Plasma handle

Anti-acne and anti-bacterial repair

Acne removal in space, ozone sterilization, antibacterial and mite removal, acne scar repair

360°Face Lifting Roller

360° arbitrary rotation, wrinkles and fine lines are significantly reduced after operation, dark circles and eye bags are improved, and the face is lifted to make the skin firmer. Face, eyes, and fine lines can be manipulated Shape and thin face, double lift

Facial ultrasound

Mainly used for product introduction, nutrition is doubled, fully absorbed, without wasting every drop of essence, improving skin texture, enlarged pores, decomposing oil, smoothing and tightening pores

 Oxygen pen

High-pressure oxygen is sprayed out through the oxygen injection gun, quickly injecting moisture into the skin surface nutrition to the bottom layer, moisturizing the skin, deep oil control, penetrating the epidermis, layer by layer penetration of oxygen and strong penetration

Skin analysis detection probe

The skin is magnified 200 times and displayed, and skin problems can be deeply detected. Different skin care solutions can be formulated according to different skins. The effect of skin detection before and after the comparison is obvious, allowing customers to experience skin changes and guiding customers to see clearly

Negative pressure bubble pen

The vacuum tube loop (moisture stripping technology) is formed by vacuum negative pressure. The specially designed small spiral tip directly acts on the skin, clockwise and counterclockwise, and penetrates the ultra-micro bubble solution into the pores, which can take away the pores and dirt. Deep cleans the skin, and supplies vitamins and nutrients to the skin by injecting bubble essence water

Ice hammer

Calmly repairs damaged skin, eliminates redness, tightens skin, locks in moisture, shrinks pores, reduces skin fatigue, and relieves skin tension

Nano atomizing spray gun

It can introduce any essential nutrients we need, transform the granular water droplets into extremely fine nano-water molecules and inject into the bottom of the skin, a spray of water is delicate and moisturizing

Sniffing oxygen mask

Mainly use non-woven fabric mask to match the skin In order to fully ventilate and inhale oxygen, so that Full absorption of active ingredients

Dr. syed's Dermatrico ClinicSkin Specialist (Dermatologist) in Delhi

With experience of more than 12 years in various skin treatments, Dr. Syed is a renowned and trusted name in the dermatology sector. Known to use robust technologies while dealing with hair, skin, and laser problems, the entire team at Dermatrico under the supervision of Dr. Syed understands the essence and uniqueness of your skin and hair

Other reasons to consult Dr. Syed includes:
  • The doctor tops the list of best dermatologists in Delhi & Gurugram.
  • Consults and treats his patients with the highest ethical standards and practice.
  • 1st certified doctor to practice Aptos Thread Lift in India.
  • Trained in several sectors like Anti-wrinkle injections, Dermal Injections, Derma Roller, Thread lift, and Hair transplant.
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