Course Overview: Basic Aesthetic Medicine Certified Course

Instructor: Dr. Syed Nazim

About the Instructor:

Dr. Syed Nazim is a globally recognized aesthetic specialist, having trained over 600 doctors worldwide. As an Aptos Certified Trainer, he is a leading authority in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Module 1: Understanding Facial Anatomy and Analysis

**Module Description:**

Module 1 lays the foundation by focusing on facial anatomy and the crucial process of face analysis. You will explore the intricacies of the human face, understand the anatomical features, and learn how to comprehensively analyze a patient's face for aesthetic interventions.

**Key Learning Objectives:**

- Gain insights into facial muscle groups and their functions.

- Identify areas that require aesthetic intervention.

- Evaluate the patient's unique facial characteristics.

- Examine the significance of facial symmetry in aesthetics.

Module 2: Facial Aging, Severity Assessment, and Anatomy Components

**Module Description:**

In Module 2, we delve into the aging process, understanding facial expression lines, and exploring non-surgical anti-aging solutions. You will also learn how to assess the severity of aging signs, understand facial anatomy components, and their impact on a patient's appearance.

Key Learning Objectives:

- Understand the science behind facial expression lines and aging.

- Utilize a grading system to assess the severity of aging signs on the face.

- Gain insight into various components of facial anatomy and their role in appearance.

Module 3: Introduction to Botulinum Toxins and Fillers

Module Description:

Module 3 introduces you to the fundamentals of Botulinum Toxins (BOTOX) and Fillers. You will learn how these substances can be effectively used in the anti-aging process.

Key Learning Objectives:

- Understand the basics of Botulinum Toxins and Fillers.

- Learn their applications in anti-aging procedures.

- Gain insights into the different areas where they can be used.

Detailed Topics:

  1. BOTOX Basics: An introduction to Botulinum Toxins, their properties, and applications in anti-aging.

1.1 Forehead Line Correction: Learn techniques for correcting forehead lines.

1.2 Crow's Feet Correction: Understand how to address crow's feet effectively.

1.3 Glabella and Bunny Lines: Explore methods for treating glabellar lines and bunny lines.

  1. Fillers Introduction: Get an overview of Fillers, their properties, and applications.

2.1. Midface Fillers: Learn about the use of Fillers in the midface region.

2.2. Injection Techniques: Understand injection techniques for Fillers.

2.3. Types of Fillers: Explore different types of Fillers available in the market.

2.4. NLF Fillers

2.5. Nasal Passage Fillers

2.6. Cheeks Contouring by Fillers

Area-Wise Description: Learn about specific areas for treatment with Fillers, including cheeks, tear trough, and nasolabial folds.

Module 4: Introduction to Threads and Thread Lift Technique

Module Description:

Module 4 focuses on the introduction to Threads and Thread Lift techniques. You will gain a fundamental understanding of Threads and how they are used in aesthetic procedures.

Key Learning Objectives:

- Understand the basics of Threads.

- Explore the Thread Lift technique.

- Learn the applications of Threads in aesthetic medicine.

Detailed Topics:

  1. Threads Introduction: Get an overview of Threads and their properties.
  2. Thread Lift Technique: Learn the basic techniques of Thread Lift procedures.
  3. Applications: Understand how Threads are used in various aesthetic procedures.

Course Benefits:

- Global Recognition: Dr. Syed Nazim's expertise and certification are recognized worldwide, ensuring that your certification is respected across borders.

- Hands-On Learning: Engage in practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises to reinforce your knowledge.

- Personalized Guidance: Benefit from one-on-one sessions with Dr. Syed Nazim, allowing you to address your unique questions and concerns.

- Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Basic Aesthetic Medicine certification, opening doors to a world of aesthetic opportunities.

Online Course: Aesthetic Advanced Medicine Masterclass

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Aesthetic Advanced Medicine

Module 1: Mastering Botox

- 1.1 Introduction to Botox

- 1.2 Botox Application Regions

- 1.3 Botox Composition and Complexity

- 1.4 Botox Techniques

- 1.5 Live Patient Tutorial: Smile Correction

- 1.6 Live Patient Tutorial: Eyebrow Lift

- 1.7 Live Patient Tutorial: Treating Gummy Lines

- 1.8 Live Patient Tutorial: Addressing Smoke Lines

- 1.9 Live Patient Tutorial: Hand Botox

- 1.10 Complications of Botox

Module 2: The Art of Fillers

- 2.1 Introduction to Dermal Fillers

- 2.2 Types and Brands of Dermal Fillers

- 2.3 Hands-On Tutorial: Lip Contouring

- 2.4 Hands-On Tutorial: Chin Fillers

- 2.5 Hands-On Tutorial: Jawline Enhancement

- 2.6 Hands-On Tutorial: Nose Fillers

- 2.7 Hands-On Tutorial: Hand Rejuvenation

- 2.8 Other Advanced Filler Techniques and Applications

Module 3: Thread Techniques for Aesthetic Enhancement

- 3.1 Introduction to Thread Techniques

- 3.2 Eyebrow Thread Lift

- 3.3 Midface Thread Lift

- 3.4 Jaw Thread Lift

- 3.5 Neck Lift with Threads

- 3.6 Certification and Global Recognition

Conclusion and Next Steps

# Module 1: Mastering Botox

## 1.1 Introduction to Botox

### Lesson 1: What Is Botox?

- Definition of Botox

- Historical Overview

- How Botox Works

### Lesson 2: Where Botox Can and Cannot Be Applied

- Areas Suitable for Botox Treatment

- Areas to Avoid

- Discussion on Patient Suitability

## 2.2 Botox Application Regions

### Lesson 3: Understanding Facial Anatomy

- Key Facial Muscles

- Areas of Expression

- Muscles Relevant to Botox Application

### Lesson 4: Botox Injection Techniques

- Preparing for Botox Administration

- Injection Points

- Dosage and Frequency

## 2.3 Botox Composition and Complexity

### Lesson 5: Botox Formulation

- Components of Botox

- Different Botox Brands

- Safety Considerations

## 2.4 Botox Techniques

### Lesson 6: Mastering Botox Injection

- Hands-On Injection Practice

- Precision and Aesthetic Considerations

- Before-and-After Assessment

## 2.5 Live Patient Tutorial: Smile Correction

### Lesson 7: Smoothing Smile Lines

- Patient Consultation

- Injection Process

- Patient Follow-Up

## 2.6 Live Patient Tutorial: Eyebrow Lift

### Lesson 8: Enhancing Eyebrows

- Patient Assessment

- Injection Technique

- Managing Patient Expectations

## 2.7 Live Patient Tutorial: Gummy Lines

### Lesson 9: Gummy Smile Correction

- Patient Evaluation

- Injection Methodology

- Post-Treatment Care

## 2.8 Live Patient Tutorial: Smoke Lines

### Lesson 10: Eliminating Smoke Lines

- Patient Analysis

- Injection Strategies

- Long-Term Results

## 2.9 Live Patient Tutorial: Hand Botox

### Lesson 11: Hand Rejuvenation with Botox

- Hand Assessment

- Injection Procedures

- Monitoring Hand Appearance Over Time

## 2.10 Complications of Botox

### Lesson 12: Recognizing and Managing Complications

- Common Botox Complications

- Steps for Mitigating Risks

- Case Studies

# Module 2: The Art of Fillers

## 3.1 Introduction to Dermal Fillers

### Lesson 13: Understanding Dermal Fillers

- Definition and Types of Fillers

- How Fillers Work

- Safety Considerations

## 3.2 Types and Brands of Dermal Fillers

### Lesson 14: Navigating the Filler Market

- Different Types of Dermal Fillers

- Popular Brands

- Selecting the Right Filler for Each Case

## 3.3 Hands-On Tutorial: Lip Contouring

### Lesson 15: Perfecting Lip Augmentation

- Patient Consultation

- Injection Techniques

- Achieving Natural-Looking Results

## 3.4 Hands-On Tutorial: Chin Fillers

### Lesson 16: Enhancing the Chin

- Chin Assessment

- Filler Injection Strategies

- Balancing Facial Proportions

## 3.5 Hands-On Tutorial: Jawline Enhancement

### Lesson 17: Sculpting the Jawline

- Jawline Evaluation

- Filler Application for Definition

- Creating a Striking Jawline

## 3.6 Hands-On Tutorial: Nose Fillers

### Lesson 18: Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

- Nose Analysis

- Injection Process for Nasal Enhancement

- Managing Patient Expectations

## 3.7 Hands-On Tutorial: Hand Rejuvenation

### Lesson 19: Hand Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers

- Hand Assessment

- Filler Injection Techniques

- Achieving Youthful Hands

## 3.8 Other Advanced Filler Techniques and Applications

### Lesson 20: Exploring Additional Applications

- Tear Trough Fillers

- Temple Filler

- Injectable Rhinoplasty

- Case Studies

# Module 3: Thread Techniques for Aesthetic Enhancement

## 4.1 Introduction to Thread Techniques

### Lesson 21: Understanding Thread Lifts

- What Are Thread Lifts?

- How Threads Work

- Benefits and Considerations

## 4.2 Eyebrow Thread Lift

### Lesson 22: Lifting Eyebrows with Threads

- Eyebrow Assessment

- Thread Insertion Techniques

- Patient Satisfaction

## 4.3 Midface Thread Lift

### Lesson 23: Reviving the Midface

- Midface Evaluation

- Thread Application

- Assessing Midface Lift Results

## 4.4 Jaw Thread Lift

### Lesson 24: Sculpting the Jaw with Threads

- Jawline Analysis

- Thread Lift Process

- Achieving a Taut Jawline

4.5 Neck Lift with Threads

Lesson 25: Non-Surgical Neck Lift

- Neck Assessment

- Thread Lift Procedure

- Long-Term Results

4.6 Certification and Global Recognition

Lesson 26: Becoming a Certified Thread Lift Practitioner

- Certification Process

- Professional Advantages

- Recognition Worldwide

# 5. Conclusion and Next Steps

## 5.1 Course Recap

- Overview of Course Highlights

- Key Takeaways