What are the effects of the rainy season on hair & skin?

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Rain rain go away come again another day! Yes, because rainy weather brings a host of skin & hair issues like allergies, skin rashes, fungal infections, dull & freezy hair etc. So, if you want to take care of your skin and hair in monsoon do give this article a read with inputs given by Dr. Syed Nazim, one of the best dermatologists, hair transplant surgeons from Saket, New Delhi.

Skin issues in monsoon and their remedies

How frequently you should WASH YOUR FACE?

The monsoon brings a lot of humidity along with itself which results in more oil on the skin which clogs pores, retains dust and dirt and thereby restricting the skin to breathe properly which causes a lot of skin issues. Therefore it is necessary to wash your face 2-3 times a day to get rid of such issues. You can also use a mix of rose water and sandalwood powder to use as a cleanser at home like a pro. But if you are not aware of your skin type we would suggest you first book an appointment with a certified dermatologist for skin problems before experimenting with anything at home.


Is Exfoliation good for skin?

The sticky monsoon weather brings dullness, making our skin look pale and undernourished. Therefore exfoliating your skin will make you get rid of dead skin cells and tan which may result in gorgeous and glowing skin.


Do we need sunscreen in Monsoon?

No matter how pleasant the weather may seem, always keep sunscreen in your bag. Remember sunscreen will protect your skin from sunburn, tan, premature aging, etc. Choose a sunscreen with a minimum of 30 Sun Protection Factors (SPF).


Hair issues in monsoon and their remedies

Monsoon is the time when you see too much hair shedding, which is why it is important to follow few monsoon skincare tips. Male and female hair loss issues are common in this season. Dr. Syed Nazim, Hair expert is here to guide you for Monsoon hair loss issues.


How frequently you should Shampoo your hair?

Whether we get wet in rain or not, the monsoon makes our hair greasy and fills our scalp with impurities as a result of which our hair appears dirty and oily. Therefore washing our hair with a mild shampoo twice a week is very necessary to get clean, healthy, and bouncy hair.


Should we use a conditioner in monsoon?

After every hair wash apply a small amount of serum or conditioner to smoothen your hair which tends to become frizzy if there is excess moisture leading to hair breakage and hair fall. Applying a conditioner makes hair more manageable.


Which oil is best for monsoon season?

Definitely use oil, as the oil helps in increasing the blood flow and nourishes the hair making it look and feel healthy. But definitely do not use that normal sticky oil. During monsoon use antibacterial oil like Neem oil. In-fact if you are using a non-sticky oil it will help you to get rid of accumulated dandruff.

Wrapping up

Every season has its effects on our skin and hair. Therefore alter your skin and hair care routine accordingly. Include healthy food habits and exercise regularly as it will make you look good from inside-outside. So what you are waiting for? Just have a look at the issues written above and start fixing them and you will be soon blessed with happy and healthy skin. Else, you can connect South Delhi-based dermatologist, Dr. Syed Nazim.

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