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Scars structure as a feature of the recuperating system after your skin has been cut or harmed. The skin fixes itself by developing new tissue to arrange the injury and fill in any holes brought about by the injury. Scar tissue is made essentially of a protein called collagen.


What are different types of scars ?

Scars are in all shapes and sizes. A few scars are enormous and agonizing, while some are scarcely noticeable. Individuals with brown complexion (especially people with African, Asian or Hispanic heritage), similarly as red-haired individuals, will undoubtedly cultivate keloid scars.

To categorise, there are 6 types of scars; Namely, Atrophic Scars, Hypertrophic scars, Acne Scars, Traumatic Scars, Surgical Scars and Burn Scars. Dr. Syed, one of the best Dermatologists in Saket, South Delhi aims at curating different scars with different techniques. Atrophic scars are indented scars that mend beneath the typical layer of skin tissue. Atrophic scars structure when the skin can’t recover tissue. Therefore, it leaves behind imbalanced scarring. Atrophic scars are frequently the consequence of extreme skin break out or chickenpox. These can simply be removed by scar removal treatment by Dr. Syed, best dermatologist and skin specialist in Saket, New Delhi & Gurugram.

What is hypertrophic scar ?

A hypertrophic scar is a thick raised scar that is a strange reaction to wound mending. They all the more usually happen in rigid skin regions following skin injury, consumes or careful entry points. Medicines incorporate prescription, freezing, infusions, lasers and medical procedures. Some of them need surgeries which are recommended by Dr. Syed Nazim Hussain, aesthetic Surgeon in Saket, New Delhi & Gurugram only when it is needed.

What are acne scars ?

Acne scars are the most commonly treated scars. It varies from scar to scar and person to person. For some 4-5 sessions of Acne Scar treatments works while  for others it might take more than 5 sessions depending upon the root of the scar.

What are traumatic scars ?

Traumatic scars are the type of scars which result from inadequate healing of the skin after some accidents or burns. They can be easily cured with prescribed medicines but if the mark remains for long or is big enough to see it can also be removed with surgeries or laser treatments.

What are surgical scars ?

Surgical scars are the process of healing. It’s completely normal to have them.  Scars result from the biological process of wound repair in the skin, thus scarring is a natural part of the healing process. It fades with time but if not, you might start hating them. In rare cases they need to be re-treated with surgery or lasers if it becomes unbearable for the patients to see it.

What are burn scars ?

After a second or third degree burn, the skin tightens, resulting in a burn scar. When skin tissues are burned, the surrounding skin pulls together, causing a contracture. It needs to be treated immediately because the scar can result in restriction of movement around the injured area. At Royal Lush clinic, Dr. Syed, aims to soothe the burn scar with minimal healing marks.

Not all scars require treatment, and many disappear over the long run. On the off chance that a scar is annoying you or causing torment, medicines can help and if you want a quicker effect, laser treatment for scar removal or surgeries are recommended by the doctor.

Scar removal at Royal Lush Clinic, Saket, New Delhi, aims to work in accordance with the problem of the patient keeping in mind all the risks or side effects involved. No treatment is done keeping the patient blindfolded with the procedures or the treatments. If you have any questions regarding cost of scar removal treatments or scar removal surgery cost, contact our skin specialist who can answer all your queries.


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