A Brief Guide On Choosing a Right Dermatologist for You

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In today’s digital and social media world a great skin can improve your confidence by leaps and bounds. Also, on the contrary, a skincare issue can have a damaging effect on your self-image and confidence.

So how to choose the best and right dermatologist? In this blog, I am giving some important parameters that you can keep in mind before finalizing the best dermatologist and get the best skin results

How Do You Find The Best Dermatologist?

In any medical procedure, the success of it entirely depends on the doctor. The same is true even for skincare solution, hence getting the best dermatologist possible for your skin procedure is of utmost importance. Below mentioned are the parameters that I suggest you should check before finalizing the dermatologist.

1. Type Of Dermatologist You Need

It is very important to understand the type of dermatologist you need. There are dermatologists who are experts in specific areas and choosing a dermatologist whose expertise is similar to the skin problem you have.

2. Insurance & Finance

Understanding insurance and financing option is very important when you choose a dermatologist. Check with your insurance company which clinics are covered ( If the skin problem is covered under insurance) under their policy and also what finance options do the clinic where the dermatologist works to offer and does it fit your bill.

3. Referrals

Who better to tell you about a good doctor than a family member or friend who has already had a similar procedure done. Speak with them and understand the clinic and the dermatologist and check if that’s what you are looking for. Referrals are the strongest source that you can blindly trust.

4. Check The Dermatologist Credentials

In today’s socially connected world, all the hospitals and clinics have their presence on social media and even google maps. You can also check with doctor specific apps like Practo to get detailed feedback about the dermatologist and also check the appointment dates and time that he/she is available.

5. Dermatologists Years Of Experience

Expertise comes with experience and that is true even for dermatologist. So you must check the years of experience the dermatologist has especially if you are looking high skilled skincare solution.

6. Gender Of Dermatologist

It is important that you are comfortable with the dermatologist that you choose and hence if you are female and comfortable with a female then you must look for a female dermatologist. The same is true if you are a man and are comfortable with a male dermatologist.

7. Quality Of Clinic

Any clinic or hospital gains a brand and reputation on the basis of the quality of service. Hence you will see some clinics that are always filled with patients while other clinics have hardly any patients. Hence it is always important to choose the clinic with quality in terms of service even if that means you might have to struggle or wait long for an appointment.

8. Unrushed Appointments

Although it is important to go to a reputed clinic that will have a decent rush in terms of appointment. It should not be so rushed that the dermatologist does the procedure in a hurry. Because that could have an impact on the result you might attain after the procedure.

9. No Sales Pitch

A clinic and the dermatologist should feel genuine to you. It should not feel like they are trying to sell you unnecessary things or just being pushy. If you feel like that then it is best not to go to that clinic and the dermatologist for the solution.

10. Facilities On The Clinic

If you have a very specific skincare problem that needs leading medical technology, then you need to check with the clinic and the dermatologist if they have such tools and expertise to operate it.

11. Dermatologist Approach

When you speak with the dermatologist, you should feel comfortable with him/her. This means the dermatologist should be a good listener and should possess an overall pleasing personality. This would help build trust with the dermatologist and a strong relation.

12. Patients Rating

Again you should always check what other patients are talking about the clinic and the dermatologist either on the social media page of the clinic or on google maps and business. You can understand a lot about the dermatologist by just reading the comments of the patients.

13. Payment Terms

This is a very personal thing but it is always better to understand what kind of payment terms does the clinic has in place. There are clinics that charge a hundred percent payment upfront while some clinics will have easy installment options. Check with the clinic about these options and see if it fits your bill.

14. Location Of The Clinic

Location is again a very important factor that you need to consider. If you know a great clinic that has very good dermatologists but it is very far away from where you stay, then it becomes a problem if the skin solution that you are looking for in long term and needs multiple seating. It is always better to go for a clinic with good ratings but is also closer to your home.

15. Round The Clock Care

Some skincare problems might need the dermatologist or clinic to be available on call at any point of time in the day in case of any complication that might arise post an operation or treatment. Hence do check with the clinic what are their working hours and do they have a 24 by 7 emergency number in case of emergency.

Why Should You Find A Right Dermatologist?

A medical procedure in itself can be a very intimidating process and hence having the right dermatologist and a clinic with friendly and caring staff can make the procedure smooth and effortless. Hence it is very important that you invest your time in searching for the right dermatologist for your skin problems. I recommend you check if the dermatologist checks all the below mentioned boxes.

  • Expertise

A dermatologist who is expert in a specific skincare solution which you are looking for can make the entire procedure smooth and efficient.

  • Good results

Choosing the right dermatologist for your skin problem increases the probability of getting good results.

  • Trust

When finding the right dermatologist, you can trust him/her to deliver the best results with minimal friction.

  • Skin is the most important part

The skin is the most visible element of our body and hence it is very important that you invest a good amount of time in choosing the right dermatologist

  • Long term need

Most of the skincare procedures need multiple seating which can take a long time and hence you need to have a right dermatologist with whom you can have a long-lasting healthy relationship.

I highly suggest you do a proper research taking into consideration the above-mentioned points in order to finalize the right dermatologist. At Royal lush, we give you a very personalized skincare experience which makes sure you have an effortless procedure. To know more about us or to fix an appointment call us on 09213753422 or fill in the form below


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