15 Amazing Benefits of Anti Wrinkle Treatment Injections

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Anti Wrinkle Treatment has been the most trusted and loved remedy to achieve a wrinkle free, younger looking skin. Anti Wrinkle Treatment injections called Anti wrinkle injections A to relax the muscles and prevent them from contracting. It block specific nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. Even though it is a great remedy to achieve great looking skin, its benefits and uses extend further than that.

Anti Wrinkle Treatment is also used to treat several other conditions that affect how the body functions. In fact, the demand for  Anti Wrinkle Treatment has grown by a massive 797% since 2000 owing to its multiple uses, increasing acceptance, and overall awareness regarding its use. Some of the well-known benefits of Anti Wrinkle Treatment are:

  • Removes wrinkles on forehead, around eyes, and neck
  • Makes skin smooth and flawless
  • Gives a younger looking skin

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15 Amazing Benefits Of Anti Wrinkle Treatment:

The reason behind immense popularity and use of Anti Wrinkle Treatment is its great and long lasting results with very few side effects in some cases. While Anti Wrinkle Treatment gives amazing results for skin tightening, removal of wrinkles also does wonders in boosting one’s personality and confidence.

However, along with the cosmetology benefits, and its ability to relax facial muscles, there also are other medically and clinically proven benefits of Anti Wrinkle Treatment injections. It is used in treatment of various disorders and diseases at a great extent.

Here are 15 amazing benefits of Anti Wrinkle Treatment:

1. Dynamic Lines & Wrinkles

This one is the most commonly known benefit of Anti Wrinkle Treatment. It has proven to be most beneficial for the removal of wrinkles, folds, lines, brow lines, and softening of certain facial expressions such as Crow’s feet. It is also beneficial in relaxing and softening the lower jaw thus reducing smile lines and wrinkles.

2. Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy is the sudden weakness or paralysis in the facial muscles, is a painful yet treatable disease that can be resolved with exercises and medications. However in certain cases, Anti Wrinkle Treatment injections are recommended to relax the facial muscles and bring a more balanced look.

3. Hyperhidrosis:

Anti Wrinkle Treatment is used to treat people suffering from excessive sweating, also known as Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis. Anti Wrinkle Treatment is proven to inhibit sweat glands thus reducing the production of sweat. Anti Wrinkle Treatment was approved as sweat reducing drug in 2004 after it was observed that patients who received Anti Wrinkle Treatment were less sweaty.

4. Overactive Bladder:

Even though Anti Wrinkle Treatment is not the first choice of treatment for overactive bladder or bladder dysfunction, when other treatments and trials fail, Anti Wrinkle Treatment is used as the last resort. Anti Wrinkle Treatment injections help reduce urinary incontinence caused by an overactive bladder. However, even though it has received the FDA approval, only adults over the age of 18 can receive Anti Wrinkle Treatment as a form of treatment.

5. Drooping Brow

Drooping brow, also called as ‘Brow Ptosis’, causes patients to look tired even when they are happy and all awake. Though this condition could be a biological one and patients are advised to follow a healthy eating lifestyle and facial muscle exercises, there are times when Anti Wrinkle Treatment injections are needed. It relaxes the brow muscles and helps keep them aloft.

6. Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic conditions such as weakness of muscles and numbness due to nerve damage causes severe pain. Botos has been proven to be beneficial in such peripheral and central neuropathic conditions and spinal cord injuries where it relaxes the muscles and alleviates the pain.

7. Muscle Contractures

As the primary function of Anti Wrinkle Treatment is to relax the muscles, in cases of muscle stiffening and other neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy it works wonders. These diseases can cause limbs to contract toward your body and cause a huge disruption in carrying out day to day activities. Hence, Anti Wrinkle Treatment has been proven useful to relax the contracted muscles.

8. Eye Conditions

Multiple eye conditions such as eye twitching, lazy eye, drooping of eyes etc can be treated by Anti Wrinkle Treatment. Doctors have been using Anti Wrinkle Treatment injections in treating specific illnesses such as strabismus, which is misalignment of the eyes and blepharospasm, which is rapid eye blinking.

9. Depression & Anxiety

There have been many clinical trials that indicate that Anti Wrinkle Treatment can be used effectively to treat clinical depression. Based on the ‘facial feedback hypothesis’, which speculates that our facial expressions influence our moods, Anti Wrinkle Treatment can be a great way to control the facial expressions thus enhancing the mood. However, there are trials being conducted to see if if its benefits can extend to the field of mental illness.

10. Allergies

According to a study, Anti Wrinkle Treatment has been found to be a safe and quite an effective treatment to treat the symptoms of rhinitis. Patients were observed to have long lasting effect when administered with botulinum toxin A intranasally. Anti Wrinkle Treatment  disturbs the signal transmission thus inhibiting the release of acetylcholine from the presynaptic nerve terminal.

11. Chronic Migraine

Though there is no specific cure for migraine yet, Anti Wrinkle Treatment was approved by the FDA in 2010 as a treatment for chronic migraines. However, there is a specific procedure or treatment of 31 injections, effects of which last for approximately 3 months. The treatment is recommended when the frequency of migraine is as high as 15 days a month.

12. Sex Related Problems

Given the function and effects of Anti Wrinkle Treatment on muscle contraction, it is believed to be useful in treating women who suffer from painful sex and pelvic floor spasms or vaginal contractions. It is also believed to be useful in treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and the study is still under clinical trial.

13. Abnormal Heart Rhythm

Currently, there is still research going on regarding the extent of use of Anti Wrinkle Treatment in treatment of preventing irregular heartbeats. Scientists are trying to establish if Anti Wrinkle Treatment can be an effective medium to cure abnormal heartbeat patterns post open-heart surgery.

14. Cold Hands

There are a few studies that show that Anti Wrinkle Treatment can treat people who suffer from extremely cold hands. In this condition, the constricted blood vessels cause poor blood circulation leading to coldness. When Anti Wrinkle Treatment is injected directly into the hands, it relaxes the muscles that enclose the constricted blood vessels, making the blood flow through the hands and into the fingertips, resulting in warmer hands.

15. Cervical Dystonia

Anti Wrinkle Treatment was earlier used for the treatment of neck spasms before it became popular in the field of plastic surgery and cosmetology. According to a study, Anti Wrinkle Treatment can be effectively used to reduce the pain in the neck, known as Cervical Dystonia (CD). In this condition, the neck muscles contract involuntarily causing immense pain while twisting and turning. Anti Wrinkle Treatment blocks the signals that cause the muscle tightening thus relieving the pain.

Though many of the benefits of Anti Wrinkle Treatment are still under clinical trials, most of the studies so far have shown promising results and it is safe to claim that these benefits of Anti Wrinkle Treatment will transform many of the conditions quite treatable in the near future. If you want to know more about other uses of Anti Wrinkle Treatment and would like to get treated for the same, please consult your physician or visit Royal Lush Skin Clinic. The team of experienced doctors and professionals at Royal Lush Skin Clinic will guide you thoroughly and inform you about the processes. To book an appointment, call- +91-9999822443, +91-9667866692

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