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Laser tattoo removal cost in Delhi

Laser Tattoo removal cost in India depends upon many factors, including the size of the tattoo and the contrast between the skin and the tattoo pigment to be removed.

#The laser tattoo removal cost in Delhi can range around, on an average, from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 10,000 or more. 

What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Nowadays, advanced technologies have made the procedure of tattoo removal very easy and effective, and less painful. There are many methods to remove tattoos, but the most beneficial procedure is laser technology, which is done through a light beam at a precise wavelength. Dermatologists are highly experienced in laser tattoo removal in Delhi and employ various painless methods to do it. 

Types of tattoos

There are many types of tattoos in the industry today, and dozens of different kinds of ink, and everyone has their preferences to choose from. Some common types of tattoo styles are minimalist tattoos, negative space tattoos, hand-poked tattoos, words and phrases, floral tattoos, line art tattoos, watercolour tattoos, abstract tattoos, UV tattoos, geometric tattoos, and blackwork tattoos. There are so many reasons why people choose to remove tattoos and to get it done, they search for the best tattoo removal clinic to do so. Dr Syed is among the best dermatologist in Delhi to get your tattoo removed safely and comfortably. 

Tattoo removal options 

There are many options available here to remove permanent tattoos from the skin without side effects using advanced professional methods; however, the results depend upon the precision, skills, and knowledge of the specialist doing that. There are multiple options, but the most preferred among them is laser tattoo removal. It is one of the best nonsurgical methods to remove a tattoo permanently and is done by a skin specialist. It is one of the safest methods of tattoo removal; however, it is a little expensive, but it is the most preferred technique that is completely bloodless and most effective. However, the latest tattoo removal lasers are effective at most tattoo removal, but not all tattoos can be removed completely. There are many factors, including color, location, ink density, and age, that can impact the overall success of the tattoo removal process.

Process of laser tattoo removal

There are many good reasons to choose a laser tattoo removal method to get rid of it. Irrespective of the type, many ink particles are used when you get your tattoo done and are in your dermis or inner layer of the skin. Laser tattoo removal shatters the particles on ink, and thus, they become much more manageable. Laser works to remove tattoos by breaking up the larger ink particles into small pieces so that white blood cells can absorb them. To break an ink particle, you need to heat it to make it expand, and this zap has to be quick so that half of the particle is cool. The cool and hot forces then separate the ink particles into much smaller pieces, and once the ink particles break, the white blood cells absorb them and ultimately eliminate them. 

Factors Affecting Laser Tattoo Removal Cost in Delhi

Royal Lush Clinic provides the best laser tattoo removal cost in Delhi, as the clinic employs modern laser technology to erase even the most stubborn tattoos. Laser tattoo removal cost in Delhi depends upon many factors as each patient and their tattoo are unique. Accordingly, the number of sessions needed for every individual might differ. Some factors affecting the cost of laser tattoo removal in Delhi are : 

  • Skin tone: To remove a tattoo from a darker skin tone, a meticulous laser session is needed; though it will not increase the cost, it needs more expertise. 
  • Size of tattoo: The key element that determines the entire cost of tattoo removal is the size of the tattoo. The bigger the tattoo is, the more laser shots it would need, and thus it increases the cost. 
  • Color of ink: Any color of tattoo other than black ink is difficult to remove. To remove multicoloured tattoos, experts would need to use a specialist laser, which can increase the laser tattoo removal cost in Delhi. 
  • Area of the skin:  The location of the tattoo also has a great impact on the costs of tattoo removal. The cost does not change much, but the number of sessions used may vary as per the location. Ultimately, it increases the overall cost. 
  • Number of sessions: The sessions needed for laser tattoo removal vary, and because of that, the cost differs. Large tattoos may need about 10 sessions. In general, people need six to eight sessions to remove the tattoo.

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