Face Lift

Face Lift

The face is the most visible part of our body that creates the first impression. As we age over the time facial skin sags due to gravity, loss of elasticity, bony changes, sun damage, smoking and other environmental factors.

A facelift is performed for sagging facial skin and is ideal for people looking for tighter, chiseled and sharp facial features. It is also performed for skin rejuvenation and for people looking for a more fresh look. At royal Lush, Dr. Syed is an expert in a non-surgical facelift and facial rejuvenation treatments. The plan is individualized and customized from person to person depending on age, sex, the degree of sagging and mode of treatment modality to be performed. The clinic is best known for the non-surgical face aesthetics in Delhi and Dr. Syed has been teaching this subject to doctors across India and abroad.

Various methods used in nonsurgical facelift are:

1. Threads Aptos threads

2. Dermal Fillers

3. Ultherapy


5. Thermage

6. Radio frequency devices

The combination of the above-mentioned treatment helps to get incredible results to boost your self- confidence and get rid of the aging face.