This is one of the commonest cosmetic procedures being asked by males and females nowadays. In today’s busy life, it is difficult to find adequate time for vigorous workouts and restricted planned diet. But the demand of the modern world makes everyone desire for a slim and attractive figure. Hence at Royal Lush, which is the liposuction surgery provider clinic in Saket, we make sure you are thoroughly counseled about the actual procedure, its advantages, techniques and postoperative expectations to gain more aesthetically pleasing body curves and contours.

Who are the Candidates for Liposuction?

Liposuction is not for those people with morbid obesity and wanting drastic weight loss. Liposuction is for those wanting mainly removal of a specific area related to stubborn fat and its redistribution with the reshaping of the figure. It is preferable in persons with good skin elasticity. Patients with poor skin elasticity should undergo abdominoplasty operation also along to improve body contours and proportions. Medically unfit patients should avoid liposuction.The royallush clinic provides best liposuction surgery with an expert surgeon Dr. Syed in Saket, Delhi NCR.


Fat reduction in belly and thighs using Liposuction.

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