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Diper Rash

It’s pretty self-explanatory where you can expect to see this baby rash. “ Diaper rash can occur due to irritation from wet diapers and friction,”. Baby diaper rash is even more common in older babies who sleep through the night long and may have wetter diapers in the morning.
Keep your eyes peeled for these symptoms:

• Red patches. These typically appear on the rounded part of baby’s bottom.
• Puffy, warm skin. In some cases, a baby’s skin may be slightly raised and feel warm to the touch.


Prevention and treatment:

“Diaper rash can improve with frequent diaper changes and use of over-the-counter diaper paste containing zinc oxide, which helps in acting as a barrier to prevent friction and irritation in the diaper area,” Bender says. Ward off baby diaper rash by making sure the skin is completely dry before you put on a fresh diaper. In the past, baby powder was the go-to trick for absorbing moisture and protecting baby’s skin, but doctors no longer recommend using powder for diaper rash, since inhaled powder can irritate baby’s lungs.

Diaper rashes treatment

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