Moles are scientifically known as Melanocytic nevus. These are small colored spots on the skin made up of cells called melanocytes, which are responsible for producing the color (pigment) in your skin. It is essential that it should be diagnosed and treated with utmost attention and care otherwise it can become cancerous.

When and why do moles develop?

1. Some moles are present at birth, although most develop during the first 25- 30 years of life

2. People with darker skin often have fewer moles as compared to people with fair skin.

3. It can occur through the sun burn.

4. People are more likely to develop lots of moles or a certain type of moles if it is common in their family(genetic).

Types of Moles:

1. Congenital melanocytic
These moles are present at birth. They are usually caused by the melanocyte cells in the dermis (middle layer of skin) and epidermis (outer layer of skin), or both.

2. Acquired melanocytic
These moles pose no risk and are benign, but can turn into cancerous moles with the growing age. The main cause of these moles is the repeated sun exposure.

3. Junctional melanocytic
These type of moles are usually brown, round and flat in appearance.

4. Dermal melanocytic
These are usually raised, pale and sometimes hairy in appearance.

5. Compound melanocytic
Usually raised above the skin, light brown in color and sometimes hairy too.

What is the Treatment for Moles?
We at Royal Lush Skin, Hair & Laser clinic under the expertise of Dr. Syed & his team offer various treatment options depending upon stage and underlying cause. Dr. Syed can remove a mole during an office visit. A few moles will require a second visit.