PRP Vampire Face Lift

PRP (Vampire lift) for Hair and Face

PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment is an effective technique that is being used for a natural restoration of hair. Men and women, both are the best candidates for the treatment. It is one of the popular and most frequently performed non-surgical treatments for hair loss or hair thinning and for rejuvenating your skin.

Benefits of PRP

1. Safe treatment because doctor uses blood from patient’s own body and then injects it into the scalp, so, it minimizes the chances of any allergies and side effects.

2. Minimal chances of infection because a specific amount of white blood cells which are known as natural defenders against infections make up the portion of PRP.

3.  No surgery and no downtime

4. Minimal pain

5. Quick

PRP for Face

What can you expect from the procedure?

During the procedure, doctor will take blood from patient’s own body from which the precious platelets are extracted after centrifugation and then injected into specific areas of the skin and acts as a matrix. It helps to promote your own collagen to grow and regenerates tissue. It acts as to naturally tighten and smooth the skin. It also softens wrinkles which are the most common visible effect of aging and you start losing your beautiful appearance.

Why PRP for Face?

  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Tightening of the skin
  • Soften fine lines and pores
  • Younger looking skin and smooth skin
  • Help tissue to heal and grow new cells