Xanthelasma removal at home – Is It Possible?

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Xanthelasma is a yellow patch deposit of cholesterol under the skin that occurs near the inner canthus of the eyelid. These are the yellow growth on or near the eyelids that can be flat or slightly raised. However, the condition is not harmful but can be a sign of heart disease. Xanthelasma does not grow away on its own and stays the same size or may also grow larger. However, it is a harmless bump that can be soft, chalky, or semi-solid. There are many removal options that include surgery. Xanthelasma removal at home is not possible and can be removed and can take many sessions.

What are cholesterol deposits?

Cholesterol deposits are a type of lipid made by the human body and are vital for hormone and vitamin production, maintaining cell walls, and fat metabolism. Cholesterol production is promoted by diets high in saturated fats and includes many other lifestyle factors and genetics. Xanthelasma is a medical term given to cholesterol deposits near the eyelid. Start the treatment as early as possible so you may get one to begin and will notice many over time.

Who does Xanthelasmas affect?

If a person notices yellow, raised patches on the eyelid’s inner corner, they may suffer from Xanthelasma. People with the condition have high cholesterol levels, the most common cholesterol deposit affecting the skin. These are the fatty cholesterol deposits that are settled under the skin. It is best to discuss with the best dermatologist to know the best treatment for Xanthelasma. However, the condition is rare, but if you have high cholesterol levels in your blood, you can be at more risk of experiencing Xanthelasma.

Some many conditions and factors can make you more prone to it, like:

  • High cholesterol lipids in your blood.
  • Middle-aged people are highly susceptible.
  • Females are more prone to the condition in comparison to males.
  • Arcus Senillis of the cornea
  • High BP
  • Chain smoking
  • Obesity

Xanthelasma removal at home is impossible, and its treatment depends upon many factors. It is best to book your appointment with the best dermatologist in Delhi to get rid of it permanently. The expert will help you remove Xanthelasma, as many treatment options exist.

How to diagnose Xanthelasma?

Your expert dermatologist can diagnose the condition, and they will also determine the underlying cause. There are many treatment options for it. Also, you should not try out Xanthelasma removal at home as popping to remove it will involve breaking the skin’s surface and can lead to infection, scarring, and pain.

When to book an appointment with the best dermatologist?

Xanthelasma is harmless but can also indicate an early cholesterol problem, and plaque has started building in blood vessels. If your cholesterol is not within the limit, then this deposit can also clog the arteries with time, leading to many other severe conditions like stroke, heart attack, etc. If you wish to consult the best dermatologist about Xanthelasma removal, the perfect time is when you notice the yellow patches.

Causes of Xanthelasma

Many patients suffer from the condition, and most of them have high blood cholesterol levels. In some cases, patients may also have normal cholesterol levels.

Some leading causes of the condition are :

  • High bad cholesterol levels
  • Inherited high cholesterol levels
  • Liver disease

Xanthelasma treatment at home – Is it possible?

Xanthelasma removal at home is impossible as they do not go away independently. They tend to stay the same size or can also grow larger, and you have to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

Royal Lush Skin and laser clinic can treat it by removing the deposit with the following:

  1. Cryotherapy – Freezing lesions with Liquid Nitrogen
  2. Laser Ablation
  3. Surgical Excision
  4. Electrodesiccation (the process of destruction of lesions by an electric needle)
  5. Chemical Cauterization – Applying Topical agents like Trichloroacetic acid

Need of some lifestyle changes

Xanthelasma is the cholesterol deposits visible around the eyes, and the growth usually causes no discomfort or pain. If you try Xanthelasma removal at home, it is impossible as you have to go for the removal for cosmetic reasons. After the procedure, you may experience swelling and bruising around the eyelids for weeks.

The xanthelasma treatment in delhi is best to prevent more deposits from developing; an expert dermatologist will also recommend some lifestyle changes like :

  • Losing weight
  • Eating healthful diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Reducing alcohol intake
  • Quit smoking
  • Taking prescribed medications

Xanthelasma is harmless. However, it may indicate an underlying lipid level and cholesterol issue. Thus it may also be an early warning of heart disease. It is best not to try xanthelasma removal at home as it requires medical attention. If left untreated, it will only spread. Like other surgical procedures, a person’s lifestyle choices are vital, especially in people with increased lipids. Lifestyle changes will improve your existing lesions of Xanthelasma but will also prevent it from spreading or recurrence. For treating your skin condition, you can visit Royal Lush Skin & Hair Clinic, where Dr. Syed, one of the best & renowned dermatologists, will guide you with the proper treatment to get rid of Xanthelasma.

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