Baby Health and Skincare Tips.

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After bringing your newborn home, it’s natural to want to exercise extreme caution and care to keep them in the pink of health. If you’re a new parent looking for tips, this list can help you take care of your newborn with ease.

Skincare Notes & Tips

  • Your baby’s skin and immune system are sensitive, so it’s important to adopt a skincare routine to shield your little one’s skin from germs
  • Newborn babies have naturally wrinkly skin coated in vernix, a waxy covering that peels off on its own after a while
  • Avoid rubbing off the vernix or slathering lotion over it; when it comes to basic newborn skincare, follow the golden ‘less is more’ approach
  • Diaper rashes are common amongst babies; to avoid them, clean your baby’s bottom with warm water at each change, and let the area dry before putting on another diaper
  • Diaper rashes do not normally warrant medical attention, but if they do not clear up in two to three days, consult a dermatologist
  • Wash your baby’s clothes, bedding and blankets separately with mild, fragrance-free and dye-free detergents
  • Massage your baby daily; studies have shown that babies thrive on touch and that babies massaged daily cry less often, feel loved and sleep longer

Clothing Notes & Tips

  • The right clothing can go a long way in keeping your newborn’s skin healthy and happy
  • Pick soft, breathable cotton clothes that aren’t too tight
  • Keep your baby’s arms and legs covered regardless of the weather outside, to protect their sensitive skin.
  • Avoid dressing your baby in materials like lace, wool and cashmere; these can cause rashes and allergies

Bathing Notes & Tips

  • You might notice that your baby enjoys splashing in bath water, but try to keep baths short and sweet to avoid drying your baby’s skin
  • Use mild, baby-friendly soap during bath time and make sure not to rub the soap on your baby’s skin too harshly, as this can dry it out
  • Keep bath water lukewarm
  • Moisturise your baby’s skin with fragrance-free baby lotion after each bath
  • Restrict baths to two to three times a week; bathing your baby too often can cause their skin to dry out by stripping it of natural oils

Nutrition Notes & Tips

  • Seek advice from your paediatrician on how to tailor your baby’s diet to each age and stage
  • Strive to breastfeed your baby for at least the first six months and ask your paediatrician for help if you experience difficulty doing so

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