Lip filler

None of the women in the world would want to look old or have a skin full of wrinkles. This is the reason why the market came up with different cosmetic products and surgeries.

The Derma filler is a type of injection which is filled with hyaluronic acid. With the help of the Derma fillers, a person can inject the required amount of this acid into their lips. Derma filler is composed of small needles which get penetrated in the skin of the lips. These needles then inject the necessary amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin. This way the natural contour of the skin will get back and the lip will start looking juicer again.

The Derma filler is a device which is composed of small needles. These needles when gets penetrated into the skin helps in ejecting the necessary amount of hyaluronic acid into the pores of the skin. This acid then settles down in the intermolecular spaces of the skin and thereby adding by to the newness to the lips. This is how the Lip Contouring by Dermal Fillers works.

lip augmentation in Saket
lip augmentation by dr syed

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