Double Chin Treatment

Double Chin Treatment in South Delhi & Gurgaon

Double chin is due to excessive fat in submental area. This condition is noticeable when an excess layer of fat forms below the chin. Occasionally it is associated with weight gain but not always. However, genetic or loose skin resulting from ageing may also contribute double chin.


Mesotherapy: At Royal lush, FDA approved lipolytic(deoxycholic acid) injections are used as a treatment modality to treat the double chin in South Delhi.These injections work by melting the fat in this area. Treatment sessions varies from 4-6 in total and duration between these treatments is 2-3 weeks.

Liposuction: At Royal Lush, lipolysis by liposuction associated with heat to melt the fat and contour the skin is used as a treatment modality in some selected cases to get rid of the double chin in Gurgaon. It is a minimally invasive procedure done under local anesthesia to melt the fat of this area.

Double Chin treatment done by Dr. Syed


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FAQs related to Double Chin treatment

Is the treatment painful or any side effects?

No, the treatment is absolutely pain-free and free from any side effects in the future. You just have to believe in the efficiency of the treatment.

How many treatment sessions do I require?

Minimum 4-6 treatment sessions done at a gap of 10 days are required for the needed results. It is a lunch time procedure and each session takes just half an hour. You will get to see the desired results immediately after the first session.

Any precautions?

Low fat, healthy and balanced diet with regular exercises are the only instructions or precautions for this treatment. This treatment is not for the pregnant/lactating women and people with an implanted pacemaker or metal implants in the treatment area.

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